Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Let Me Down

A story inspired by a Stereophonics cover of a Beetles song and Peter Pan. I figured what if Pan got bored with being a kid and age to a teen, now him and Tink have a very dysfunctional relationship, due to his laid back slacker, playboy antics. The clock-o-soaurs are the offspring of the crocodile that swallowed the clock and a T-Rex. the menacing threat would be Mr Smee, i think that;s his name, rebuilding Hook to take down Peter.


delusion said...

NOICE! This is sweet.. finally got it all finished :D It looks great. I LOVE LOVE that roar page, where he wipes out the color of the page xD totally cool. Keep it up Rashad!!

Minisaurus said...

I support this concept. A lot. That sounds awesome.