Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sakura Superman and Remembering a friend

man time flies, but here's some stuff i've done.


Michael May said...

Your Jeremy Mullins comic is really fantastic, man.

Rashad said...

thanks dude

Victor said...

That was a great tribute. The man inspired so many people, just by being himself. I live in Toronto, Canada and thanks to his podcast, I've started doing some comics on the side. Here's my blog - Im very greatful for the 99 podcasts he left behind. Thank you Seqalab.

Rashad said...

thanks man.

and your comic looks good.

go seqa-lab!

Victor M said...

Do you know if SEQALAB will be podcasting again?
Also, your art style is awesome.


Rashad said...

thanks, we definitely will, most likely sometimes this fall