Monday, April 5, 2010

Stereophonic Ninja Boy needs ur vote

Hey guys, it's been a good while but part of that is because I've been working on things like the comic me and my homey Chris mullins put together called Stereophonic Ninja Boy

It definitely was a super collaborative project. chris came up with the idea, i wrote and fleshed it out some, then he pencilled it, then we kinda touched that up some with some thumbnails from me, and finally finished it up with him on inks and me on colors. I'm posting our process pages here along with the first page.

oh and here's a bit about the comic itself

Cocky, self-taught, sound-fighting master Stereophonic Ninja Boy was the most popular teen in all of Random Town, constantly defending it from the uber-conservative, liberal music hating, Over Lord Billy. That’s until he’s defeated by the enigmatic Jamz, who warns both boys of an impending invasion. Now they must travel the world learning from all the other sound-fighting masters, in order to save the city from the Sonic-Pop Army.

Now go vote lol

and thanks a trillion!!!


PhiL said...

damn dood, this is wicked cool, cant wait to see more

Rashad said...

thanx man. and please don't forget to vote for it over on zuda

Dennis Wright said...

Oh my you have been busy. I leikz it. But i am a sucker for your over-the-top-retro designs. So the bais is in.

Rashad said...

thanks! chris did a bang-up job fleshing out the script