Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey guys,

So last year i got to work on an awesome pitch with a couple of SCAD alumni called the DO-GOOD GANG! and now it's in Animation Magazine's Pitch Party contest

So please give it a vote when you can. The deadline is Friday.

oh lol,the shows about 3 teens, Binky, lover of all things cute, Pepper, mega-smart hottie and Cody, he happens to be a guy, lol, who defend the world from the evils of truancy, bad hygiene, unhealthy diets, and anything else non-good.

I really enjoyed working on it, so give it a shot

i'm posting alot of the art for it here. some it from back when it was called the Teen Intervention Squad

Thanks a billion


Sean said...

Good luck, Man! These are excellent designs.

Rashad said...

thanks dude