Thursday, June 4, 2009


ok so, i did this in tribute to an old Dwayne McDuffie pitch to marvel almost 20 years ago. meant illuminate how generic alot of the black characters at the time were, which lead to a discussion on the podcast i co-host

please listen to it, cause i think it lead to an interesting conversation. similar to the journal i posted a while ago on deviantart

anyway the line-up consists of night thrasher, rocket racer, dark wheely and the mysterious black guy on a skateboard.

characters totally owned by Marvel Comics


Mokuu said...

God, energy overkill on that first pic, i love it, i really fucking love the flow man. Damn, i gotta take a breather cause man, the strengh is, daaaamn. I so gotta get that flow !

Rashad said...

thanks dude